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  1. Sally Woodcock says:

    I am a paintings conservator and technical art historian who has recently been to Great Totham to write a condition report on an early 19C painting depicting the church, recently found in the vestry during building works. The painting is also recorded on a woodcut, used in the History of the Parish of Great Totham, Essex, written by George William Johnson and printed by Clark in 1831. On one impression of the woodcut it says it is “From a painting by Miss Hayter, in the possession of Charles Clark”. Another impression records it as being in the possession of the vicar of Great Totham. I have got hold of Clark’s will from the PRO but the scan is rather poor quality and so far I haven’t spotted him leaving the painting to anyone. I have been trying to identify “Miss Hayter” and wonder if she might be Elizabeth Holmes Hayter (1755-1822) the unmarried daughter of the miniature painter Charles Hayter (1761-1835) and sister to the more famous Sir George Hayter (1792-1871). So far I cannot find any connection between either Charles Clark or George William Johnson and the Hayters so the identification remains conjectural. A local historian has said that there were no families by the name of Hayter in the village. I wonder if you have come across any such connection in your research? Once I have completed the report I can send you a copy if you would like to see the painting – it is a slightly odd work – more decorative than artistic – but records the church before its Victorian alterations, so is interesting historically and also perhaps to you as something once owned by Clark. Sorry the catering in Essex is so grim – grew up there so know what you mean about the Miami (or Miami Grill as I remember it in the 70s) – you might be better off with a B&B next time you come over! Best wishes – Sally

  2. Carrie Griffin says:

    Hi Sally, thanks for making contact! This sounds really interesting … we will send you an email today. Best, Carrie & Mary

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